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7 & Beyond Program 


We are proud to announce our new school, 7 & Beyond Placement, located at 300 Park Avenue, Deer Park, New York.  Our program allows students who have been placed on home instruction to return to a highly structured environment where their needs can be addressed through a multi-disciplinary approach tailored to each individual student.


Our approach focuses on addressing behaviors and integrating skills to promote maximum potential functioning through a collaborative team trained in evidence-based interventions (Applied Behavior Analysis, Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports).


Our professional staff of Occupational Therapists, Speech/Language Therapists, Behavioral Consultants, Teachers, and Teacher Aides address goals in the areas of behavioral, academic, social, activities of daily living, pre-vocational and vocational skills.  At 7 & Beyond staff meets daily to address programs.


At 7 & Beyond, we believe that every child deserves a quality education and life training that can enhance their strengths and diminish their weaknesses so they can have the greatest level of independence and self-reliance possible.


Home/School District Connection

Our therapists are qualified to work with students with a wide range of disabilities and behavioral challenges.  Working closely with in-house clinical staff to ensure continuing of program, we provide temporary placement for students currently placed on home instruction. Progress and feedback is reported to the school district on an on-going basis.


Pre-Vocational/Vocation Services

Working with our students, our focus is function-based development of skills.  Students’ programs are generated with this goal.  We work with student, parent, and school district in assessing areas of student interest and strength.

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